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Our aim is to provide all the urbane comforts of a city B & B, without the imposition of hovering hosts. Accordingly, we do not intrude at breakfast time, before you are ready to face the world. Rather, we pamper you with the continental breakfast provisions of your choice, including eggs and endless tea and coffee, discreetly placed in your own bar fridge (one for each bedroom) in the sideboard the night before, so you can help yourself at your leisure in the morning. When you indicate, via a sign hanging on the dividing door, we will quietly clear away your breakfast things, and service your rooms. 

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Free Wi-fi Internet Connection:

You will find your network and password for Free WiFi connection listed in the hotel compendium.  

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When our washing machine is not in use, you are welcome to use our laundry facilities and clothes line/dryer, if we are in attendance. Alternately, there is a Laundromat on your walking map within easy strolling distance.

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Children and Baby Sitters:

Children of all ages are welcome at Above Bored, where child safety has been carefully considered. Our landscaped gardens are fully enclosed within high clinker brick walls, with high latch gates. There's a sturdy grill over the goldfish pond, and fire screens are provided for each of the gas fireplaces, which attach to the wall when children are in residence, to prevent the screens from being pulled over. However, all responsibility for the safety of your children can only reside with you. As we do not own a cot, you may like to bring a porta-cot, for any littleys not yet comfortable sleeping in a single bed. And, at the top of our street, we have a playground, only 5 minutes walk away, on the corner of Norham and Blake Sts (see walking map).

Professional local babysitters can always be found here: www.findababysitter.com.au, our postcode is 6006.

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You are welcome to smoke outside, using the ashtray provided on your outdoor setting


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Well behaved pets can be accommodated at Above Bored, after prior consultation. We have the friendliest dog park in Perth, just 5 minutes walk away. The locals chat and their dogs romp with yours about 5pm every day between Namur and Farmer Sts (see walking map). Additionally, you are most welcome to feed our pond fish at feeding times – just ask us for some fish flakes. 

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Your pets are welcome; they can sleep in your room, but not eat at the breakfast table.
Imagine.... :-)

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